ASSE Standard #1060

Aquashield is ASSE 1060 (2006) Class I, II and III certified.

Performance requirements for outdoor enclosures for fluid conveying components focuses on devices that provide a range of protection for fluid conveying components which are mounted outside & above ground so that they may avoid damage from freezing, vandalism and tampering. Fluid conveying components include backflow prevention assemblies and devices, water meters, control valves, pressure reducing valves, air release valves, pumps and other components installed outdoors and above ground that require protection from freezing or require system security protection.

General Information:

No product may be said to be ASSE approved unless the manufacturer has applied to the ASSE, has had his product tested by an official ASSE recognized independent laboratory, according to the applicable ASSE Standard. When the product has passed the test, they can display the ASSE seal on the product.

This standard focuses on devices that provide a range of protection to the backflow preventers that are mounted outside and above ground so they may avoid freezing, vandalism and tampering.  It is recommended that backflow prevention enclosures be installed consistent with local codes by qualified and trained professionals.

This standard was promulgated in accordance procedures developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The standards are copy righted. To obtain a  printed text of the ASSE Standard # 1060 (Issued: 1996 or revised 2006) please contact:

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